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Vantage is a Singapore branding agency dedicated to crafting powerful brands to make an impact in the market and the world.

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In the fast-paced world of business, your brand image is your most valuable asset. It's not just a logo or a catchy slogan; it's the essence of your company, the impression you leave on your customers, …
October 20, 2023
In the ever-evolving landscape of global business, Singapore's homegrown B2B enterprises are increasingly poised to make their mark on the international stage. The journey to global recognition and success, however, often hinges on the power of …
October 20, 2023
In today's competitive business landscape, establishing a strong brand identity is crucial for success. That's where branding agencies and creative agencies come into play. While both have their merits, it's important to understand the key differences …
September 17, 2023

What We Do

Agency Strategy Brand Consultants Strategic Thinking

Branding Consultancy Brand Strategy Consultants Positioning

Business B2C Consumer Singapore Branding Innovation Growth B2B

EDG Branding Grant Business B2C Consumer Singapore

Touchpoints Wordmark Visual Identity System Corporate Logo

Brand Identity Touchpoints Wordmark Visual Identity System

User Interface UX Web UI User Experience Responsive Development

Web Design User Interface UX Web UI User Experience

Social Media Marketing Storytelling Infographics Copywriting

Branded Content Social Media Marketing Storytelling

Brands that we’ve worked with

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Vantage Branding’s quality of creative work has been outstanding — with a new majestic identity that captures the essence of Singapore Symphony Orchestra and an identity framework that allows our message to better reach a wider audience.

Chng Hak-Peng
Chief Executive Officer
Singapore Symphony Group

I have been utterly impressed with the quality of work done by Vantage. The approach that the team took was very systematic and well thought through. Inspirational as well as aspirational.

Sam Lee
Sentosa Leisure Management

It has been an absolute pleasure to have Vantage Branding fighting for our team. The commitment and passion that they put into the project was impressive. Expect attentive personalised creativity that moves your brand's strategic goals into action.

Cedric Mui
Marketing & Business Development Manager

We've been seeing in increase in total page likes, likes per week, post reach per week, and engagement per week since running the campaign. All thanks to the tireless work and backend optimisation by the Vantage team.

Howard Wong
Community Relations Manager
HCA Hospice Care

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We are recognised by Enterprise Singapore as certified Practicing Management Consultants (PMC) to help your company to grow and transform in the area of Strategic Brand and Marketing Development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do branding agencies in Singapore do?
A brand agency helps businesses develop, sustain, and differentiate their brand image.

Some of the Singapore top branding agencies are known for their expertise in crafting unique brand identities that strengthen relationships with their audiences to build customer loyalty.

As a dynamic boutique brand agency, Vantage Branding works closely with business leaders to understand their goals and create a comprehensive winning brand strategy. We also provide expertise in multiple aspects including brand development, logo design, packaging design, brand identity design, art direction, copywriting, web development, and marketing services on social media platforms to bring to life our client’s brand cohesively across a range of different channels.
How much are our branding packages?
Among the best branding agencies in Singapore, corporate branding services may vary from $5,000 to $50,000+, which usually depends on the size of your company.
At Vantage Branding, our branding programmes can vary in cost due to a number of reasons. Here are some typical factors:

Scope of the programme: The more extensive the branding programme, the more time and effort are required, which can increase its cost. A comprehensive branding programme may include everything from extensive market research, to branding and web development.

Complexity of the brand: If the brand is complex and requires a lot of research and analysis, it may take more time and resources to develop an effective branding programme and strong brand identity.

Customisation: Customised branding programmes tailored to a specific client's needs and goals may cost more than a generic branding programme.

Brand touchpoint deliverables: The cost of services by a branding company can also be influenced by the type and number of deliverables included in the package. For example, if the programme includes design work for multiple channels such as website, social media, print, and packaging, it may be more expensive than a programme that only includes brand identity design.

In short, there are many factors that can affect the cost of our branding programmes, and we will assess each of your unique requirements before determining the final cost. If you're looking for an affordable branding firm or creative agency, make sure to take advantage of the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), where you can receive up to 50% grant support.
What are brand communications, and why are they important?
Brand communications refer to the interactions between customers and a brand. Many companies entrust their brand image to reputable branding firms, as good branding efforts can impact every single occurrence of a customer experiencing the company, including digital touchpoints such as websites and reviews, or interactions through social media, as well as physical advertisements and billboards.
As a branding agency, we help Singapore companies with brand positioning, where we mould and curate the way customers experience their brand, which forms a positive impression of it and makes them more likely to engage with their services.
What is a full-service brand agency?
As a full-service branding agency, we are a one-stop solution for companies seeking to establish or enhance their brand image. Our complete suite of services includes conducting market research, developing a branding strategy and brand identity, and managing brand communications to help businesses create stronger customer engagement in the market.

Working with Singapore's full-service agencies such as ours can be beneficial for businesses that don’t have an internal marketing team or have limited resources. By outsourcing their branding needs to an agency, businesses can focus on their key operations while tapping into the agency’s tools, expertise, experience, and creativity to develop a compelling brand that stands out in the market.

So if you’re a business owner looking for a brand consultancy for your branding, communication and marketing needs, Vantage Branding is the perfect choice for you. Get started today and reach out to us here.
What are some notable clients you have worked with?
Our notable clients include Sentosa, Epson, AIG, NUS, and ST Engineering. The best branding companies in Singapore will have a solid track record among diverse government institutions and corporations. Browse our case studies of companies in Singapore that have engaged our consultancy services.

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