Asia Centre for Health Security

Asia Centre for Health Security

Safeguarding Asia from biological threats

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Asia Centre for Health Security (ACHS) is a think tank launched in 2024 to prepare and safeguard Asia from catastrophic biological threats. Based at the National University of Singapore, ACHS collaborates closely with Nanyang Technological University.

The new branding was designed to position ACHS as the trusted go-to organisation for in-depth, insightful analysis on health security, firmly rooted in an Asian context. This focus is particularly important in a field where US and European perspectives often dominate.

Our brand expression effectively highlights ACHS‘s role in uniting expertise and fostering strategic partnerships. The shield formation with interconnected colours symbolises diverse interdisciplinary collaborations, while the vibrant hues reflect the multifaceted expertise of those involved.

The new branding has become a significant source of pride, symbolising change and collaboration among faculty members. It was enthusiastically received by partners at the launch event, underscoring its strong impact in the organisation.

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