Singapore Symphony Orchestra


Hitting the right note

Founded in 1979, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) is Singapore’s flagship classical music orchestra and has touched the lives of countless Singaporeans.

With a trend of declining concert attendance and concerns raised over future funding, there was a need to rebrand SSO to demonstrate its relevance to a broader Singaporean audience.

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SSO logo comparison

To reflect this, we created a brand identity system that placed diversity at the heart of communications. Without alienating classical music aficionados, we created a structure for headlines to engage newer audiences in a more inspiring way.

In addition, we introduced a spectrum of colour to convey diverse performances with a distinctive system of photographic and illustration style working seamlessly together.

The outputs of our brand research and strategy helped to inform three core pillars for the SSO brand.

SSO logo
SSO posters

The rebrand entices the viewer to immerse themselves and relate to SSO. Every component is entirely bespoke and has been carefully considered to truly reflect the unique nature of the organisation and its underlying philosophy.

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Since the launch of the new branding, Singapore Symphony Orchestra has seen a reversal of attendance rate decline, brighter projections of funding, and increased online traffic.

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