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G.K. Goh Holdings has successfully evolved from its origins as a leading Singapore-based regional securities business into an investment company owning and operating businesses for a diverse portfolio of investments.

In recent years, this has included optic fibre networks in Europe, aged care in Australia and Singapore (Allium Healthcare), and a real estate investment trust operating in Japan.

Although G.K. Goh Holdings has a very well-established reputation, the company's brand image needed to be revitalised through a more modern identity to reflect its true characteristics and strengths.
We worked very closely with the G.K. Goh family to evolve the existing logo into a bolder and more vibrant expression.

Brand communications collateral also proudly features art from the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings which Goh Geok Khim, the founder of the company bought in 1993.

Through timeless art and a stronger identity, the new branding expresses the refined personality of the company and adds a softer touch of humanity.

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G. K. Goh website
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