Bringing consistency, impact and relevance to Epson’s regional communications

With an impressive history of technological innovation spanning more than 50 years, Epson has grown into a household brand producing printers, projectors, and a host of other high precision solutions.

Taking a closer look at Epson’s regional brand communications in 10 countries and across multiple product categories, exposed great opportunities to make the brand more reconisable and engaging through a system of branded consistency.

Services rendered
Brand Position Articulation
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity System
Brand Retail System

Epson visual system

We created a robust brand identity guide to unify all of Epson’s regional communications into a differentiated tone of voice and visual style that could flexibly respond to a variety of different messages yet clearly remain Epson branded.

We also designed an all encompassing look and feel for Epson’s retail design that includes unique style elements, key structural components, signage and branded graphics in line with Epson’s new visual branding system.

A bolder showroom exhibition and roadshow retail experience.

Epson retail display
Epson retail store
Epson retail display
Epson retail store interior


Tackling various functional demands of showrooms, exhibitions and roadshows presented itself great opportunities to enhance the customer experience with retail design that no only uniquely expresses Epson’s progressive values, but is also engaging, cost-efficient and easy to implement.

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