Redefining Singapore's leading chemical supply chain company for the future.


Family owned and based in Singapore for over 50 years, Tee Hai Chem is the leader in the procurement, sales and distribution of materials and chemicals, and provides services for the world's best-known Life Sciences, Electronics manufacturing, and Research & Diagnostics brands.


Although Tee Hai Chem has an exceptional calibre of staff, facilities and relationships with suppliers and customers, the company's brand image was misaligned to its winning qualities. A recognisable identity was needed to create greater differentiation in the marketplace and position Tee Hai Chem in a much better light.


Through an involved branding programme that saw us work very closely with the Tee Hai Chem family and their staff, we created a new brand that rightfully expressed the company's true strengths and ambitions. This included developing a wide range of vital touchpoints such as a corporate video, website, Powerpoint credentials presentation and brand photography.

Only months after launch the new branding helped support efforts to attract a new partner. In March 14th 2019 Tee Hai Chem sold 51% stake to German chemical distribution giant Brenntag to accelerate global growth. The German firm operates in more than 580 locations in 73 countries, with sales of S$19.34 billion in 2018.

Tee Hai Chem

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