Enriching the Singapore dating scene for singles.


Social Development Network (SDN) is part of the Ministry of Family & Social Development and partners with commercial and public sectors to promote a conducive environment for singles to meet and form meaningful relationships.  


SDN looked to Vantage Branding to enhance their Spark Connections brand – a biannual SDN initiative which brings together accredited dating agencies to provide specially curated events, services and workshops for singles to make new friends while pursuing their hobbies and interests.


Based on validating our core segment's needs involving focus group discussions with millennials, a key finding revealed that an awkward apprehension about dating services was often felt. To bring greater engagement a more subtle approach was needed by offering trendier events where the emphasis is placed on enjoyment and not explicitly getting hitched. 

We envisioned a colourful dynamic brand identity and an online space of fun that brings people together through shared passions and interests. The new branding has attracted an increase in engagement and sets a more relevant tone for future SDN initiatives.


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