Using social media to boost awareness and bust myths.


HCA Hospice Care





Services provided:

• Social Media Brand Identity System
• Facebook Social Media Campaign
• Brand Essence Articulation
• Brand Guidelines




HCA Hospice Care is a registered charity in Singapore providing free comfort and medical support to patients with life-limiting illnesses.

Our brief was to create greater HCA brand awareness through a Facebook campaign, reinforced with a social media brand identity system to address HCA’s inconsistent brand image.

This largely involved an element of busting the hospice care myth that it's ‘just about dying’.

The deeper truth of HCA’s vital home care services had to be conveyed –quality of life, symptom control, living well, emotional support, laughter, and yes, also death.

A wealth of compassionate real life stories of patients, family and HCA staff at the centre stage of HCA’s communications became the starting point of our inspiration.

We introduced bold brand identity elements for HCA inspired by the vast mosaic of journeys from patients, caregivers, family and the people that put their hearts into driving HCA every single day of the year.

The visual branding system balanced flexibility with recognisable consistency, and was so well received it was adopted onto other brand touchpoints beyond digital media.


"We’ve been seeing an impressive increase in total page likes, likes per week, post reach per week and engagement per week since running the campaign all thanks to the tireless work and backend optimisation by the Vantage team."

HCA Hospice Care
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Community Relations Manager

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